RDM Infinity has a long history of providing custom solutions for a variety of customers. One of our goals from day one was to bring enterprise level solutions to companies of all sizes. Infinity Apps and Infinity Cloud will allow us a chance to build and publish applications that will take advantage of the core features we have developed.

Infinity Apps will be built and published free of charge. These applications will contain full featured utilities for businesses of all sizes to increase productivity and efficiency. The first of these apps is Infinity Signature.

Infinity Signature allows companies of any size to capture, print, and email electronic signatures for use in dozens of applications. Proof of delivery, merchandise handoff, customer order pick up, etc… the possibilities are endless. Once the signature is captured on either your iOS or Android device, the data can be printed to available wireless printers or emailed as attachments. Infinity Signature also allows for optional integration with Infinity Cloud to add even more features to your application.

Infinity Cloud is a new service offering from RDM Infinity that allows customers access to enterprise grade storage, retrieval, and encryption of data generated from all Infinity Apps. This solution is offered on a low monthly rate to all Infinity Apps users. Infinity Cloud offers a documented and fully featured API that allows all data to be integrated into any end user system. Infinity Cloud is the largest storage solution of its kind available to all end users.

Once the Infinity Cloud service is enabled for Infinity Signature, the user will be able to assign each signature a reference number, such as an order umber or tracking number, to allow for easy search and lookup later in either the user friendly web portal or through access to the API.

We are beyond excited for this new adventure and challenge. We hope that you will join us to take advantage of these exciting new apps and services. We have more great things coming soon and as always we will keep pushing the envelope to bring you the best solutions to keep you productive and efficient!

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Who isĀ RDM:

RDM Infinity is a full service software development provider that continually strives to provide unique and custom solutions to our customers and their businesses. We specialize in using the latest technology to design, build, and implement software solutions to overcome the unique challenges companies face.

We were founded on the idea that if we embrace our truly geeky nature, we can help businesses develop solutions that are powerful and efficient. Using technology old and new, we are in a unique position to build that system tweak, software mod, or complete software application that you have always wanted. Whether it is a comprehensive set of technical specifications or a doodle that you drew on a napkin, the solution that you need is now within your reach.