Hassle Free Print Jobs

riTemplate redefines printer output flexibility for your PICK systems. Now you don’t have to be limited to printing your PICK output on plain or pre-printed paper using plain text. With riTemplate you can enhance the appearance of your documents with customized fields, barcodes, and form overlays anywhere in the document.

Using riTemplate

riTemplate is easy to set-up on any networked laser printer and comes with unparalleled support from our talented, dedicated staff.

riTemplate workflow

  • Step 1

    Create template
  • Step 2

    Customize template settings
  • Step 3

    Add header to print job
  • Step 4

    Print, fax, email or save

Key Features

Use riTemplate to convert your standard printed output to PDF, and begin storing, retrieving, emailing, faxing, and printing with greater flexibility.


  • Convert printed output to PDF
  • Add barcodes anywhere on your PDF
  • Enhance print jobs with easy to use markup tags
  • Send the PDF as an email attachment
  • Print PDFs to any network printer
  • Store PDFs in network repository for later retrieval
  • Add viewing or reprinting PDFs into your current application
  • Manage all system settings online with a few clicks of a button
  • Eliminate pre-printed form costs and under utilized printers