Not Just For Games

The world has been swept away with the power of mobile applications over the last decade and RDM Infinity’s talented group of geeks is no exception. We have created and used mobile apps in almost all aspects of business and are always excited for the latest updates in software and hardware and the new challenges that face businesses each day that can be solved with these little devices.

We Proudly Develop For

Windows Phone

Connect With Your Customers

Mobile Applications allow you and your business to connect to customers at new levels whether it is through push notifications, personalized data, or mobile websites; access to all of your valuable information is just one to two touches away. Why settle for reaching customers through the web on a laptop or PC when you can also reach them at their finger tips through their mobile phones and tablets.

Empower Your Employees

Mobile Applications can also allow your business to be more efficient and provide the top-notch level of customer service that will separate yourself from your competitors. With the right mobile application customized to your business’ unique needs, you can get your employees out from behind their computers and back into the field where your customers are.

Expand Your Business

Extending customer services and internal processes onto mobile devices is the ultimate scalable business practice to accelerate your company’s growth. Break free from the barriers of terminal work stations.