Building Beautiful Websites

One of the first things that a customer looks for these days is a reliable and functional web site. Without one, many customers will move on and never give you a second thought. Let RDM Infinity help you design, build, and maintain a first class web site, that will catch your prospective customer’s eye, while giving your existing customers more functionality and greater usability.

Our geeks are experts at building and maintaining top-notch websites that look good in every browser, on any operating system. On your desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone, our responsive designs are always sleek, professional, and working hard for you.

Browser Support

Internet Explorer

Putting You In Control

Your company succeeds because you adapt, evolve, and iterate. You need a website that can grow with you. At RDM Infinity, we will integrate your new custom design with an advanced content management system that puts the power in your hands. You’ll never need to ask another developer to change a sentence, add a page, or update an image.

CMS Mastery


Customizing Your Online Store

Are you ready to expand your digital marketplace to reach more customers in your city and around the globe? We can give a facelift to your existing shopping cart software, or develop a brand new online storefront for you with the latest tools and custom features to help you manage your retail business with ease.

If you’re tethered to a D3 system for inventory management, never fear! We tailor eCommerce software solutions to accommodate even the most stubborn multivalue databases.

eCommerce Expertise


Harnessing the Latest Technology

Our programmers are talented individuals with extremely diverse skill sets. We stay on top of the latest developments in the tech and programming world to make sure you’re benefiting from the finest web solutions the internet has to offer. If they build it, we can code in it.

Development Guru Linguistics

Cold Fusion

Expanding On What You Have

Our geeks love refurbishing projects. It doesn’t matter if your existing site is lingering on an outdated platform, scripted inside of an obscure framework. We can fix it, modernize it, tweak it, and make it look like new. Don’t waste another minute fighting with your old template builder or content management system. We deliver the technology that makes maintenance easy and intuitive.

Framework Fanaticism

Code Igniter

Advancing Your Brand

RDM Infinity geeks aren’t just programmers. We are staffed with server specialists, database dynamos, graphics gurus, and all-around internet aficionados. Whether you’re making a fresh start or a first impression, we have the resources and expertise at your disposal to build your brand identity and put your best foot forward.

Email a geek today and learn more about what we can do to make your company blueprint stand out in the vast internet and corporate landscape.