Brandon Robinson

Head Geek

Brandon Robinson is the true brains behind the magic of RDM and is so excited about the possibilities technology has to offer, he could convert anyone to a geek just by talking to you! RDM Infinity has been his dream since the early years of high school and loves what we have built so far, despite the minimal hours of sleep.

Brandon is a true Nevadan geek and he fills his spare time enjoying the open roads with his Jeep, camping, traveling the globe, cooking gourmet meals, and working on any home or car project that his wife or buddies can come up with. Brandon loves RDM and is eager to talk to you soon!

Elizabeth Robinson

Geek Director

Liz Robinson does her best to keep the geeks in line at RDM and make it a fun place to work or just hang out. She keeps our books in order, paychecks out on time as well as manage the majority of the website development that comes through the offices, include our own website and this mobile version.

When Liz isn’t writing or designing awesome code she enjoys being outside in her garden, cooking, traveling the globe, and pampering her two dogs Cooper and Rudy. Liz is currently trying to keep up with our Geek Translator and is training to run her first marathon this spring.Liz loves to talk about the awesome tools that RDM has to offer and looks forward to hearing from you soon!


Geek Minion

Steve drinks more coffee in one day than a healthy person consumes in a week. He is also typing this himself, and is presently at a loss for anything to say. Meaningful commentary and introspection are neither his forte. RDM promises that he is a much better programmer than auto-biographer.